The Laboratory Programme for Technical Colleges

The ideal training for engineers at technical colleges requires a high degree of practical hands-on applications and thus modern college training laboratories that provide optimum preparation for later work in industry.

That is why it is engineers that develop the Lucas-Nülle training systems and the corresponding laboratory documentation in cooperation with specialised colleges. Systems for various technical subjects in electrical engineering, mechatronics as well as refrigeration and air-conditioning technology make know-how and technology transfer possible around the world.


Also trend setting and forward looking are our laboratory systems devoted to the topics of modern power generation and distribution under the banner of Smart Grid technology. This area also integrates original industrial switching and instrumentation technology into the system. However, all of the engineering variables have been scaled down to levels that are laboratory acceptable. A 1 megawatt wind power plant is thus scaled down to a 1 KW model with wind power emulation at the generator shaft.


The laboratory guidelines and practical experiment instructions are in electronic form and can easily be edited and tailored for specific teaching needs. All measurement values from real measuring instruments can be uploaded into electronic laboratory documentation by means of standardised interfaces. The training content can also be imported into the colleges own Learning Management System LMS (e.g. Moodle).

If you use your own lecture and laboratory concepts in Matlab-Simulink or Labview, we can show you what the options are for connecting up to our laboratory systems.

Installation Engineering Electropneumatics / Hydraulics
Electrical Power Engineering Instrumentation
Renewable Energies Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Technology
Power Electronics Microcontrollers
EloTrain - Plug-in System Automation Technology
Communication Technology Automotive Technology
Process Control Lab Systems


Lucas-Nülle training systems are in operation around the world and, wherever they are, they represent the standard for quality, efficiency and technology.