Item No.: SO4001-3F

Software SCADA for Power Engineering, designer software

SCADA is an acronym that stands for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) of technical processes in real time. In electrical power engineering SCADA is deployed for a range of operations from power generation, transmission and line protection all the way to power utilisation.

SCADA provides staff with the opportunity to track and enter data into technical processes. Measurement values are displayed on the screen in real time. Control signals can be modified during the process. The SCADA system can also be used for automatic process control. The recording of multiple measured values permits both future planning and economic optimisation. The system can be remotely controlled by means of local access networks (LAN).

SCADA Power Engineering Lab is a software program designed for the control and monitoring of power engineering systems. In the software all measured values and operating states can be displayed on existing system instrumentation in real time. Furthermore, important parameters and signals can be controlled by the software.

The measured values and equipment operating states can be selected, recorded, depicted with respect to time and finally evaluated and exported.

Software functionality:

  • Symbolic equipment arrangement of all LN equipment on the screen

  • Standardised electronic circuit symbols for the circuit visualisation

  • Freely configurable circuit setup

  • Individually configurable tabular list of as many measurement values as desired

  • Real-time display of measured values and operating states

  • Recording and plotting of measured values in diagrams

  • Processing, analysing and export of diagrams

  • Integrated soft PLC

  • SCADA Viewer

  • SCADA Panel Designer

  • SCADA Remote Client / Server

  • SCADA OPC Client

  • SCADA IEC 61850 Client

  • Implementation and analysis of intelligent grids (Smart Grid)


  • CD-ROM with SCADA Software package
  • 1 USB-dongle for operation of program