Item No.: CO3620-3A

AI control unit

A versatile control unit used for AI applications, based on a single-board computer with numerous interfaces for communication with and integration into other systems. Using the accompanying course software, AI models are developed and trained locally inside the device for a variety of different tasks. With the training system for the practical introduction to machine learning, hands-on examples of the entire workflow from data procurement up to the application of the finished algorithm are carried out. The course focuses on teaching the advantages and potential of machine learning and systematically shows how to use this know-how.

  • Hardware and software specialised in machine learning applications
  • Jetson Xavier NX as "Embedded Device"
  • NVIDIA Volta™ architecture with 384 NVIDIA CUDA processing units and 48 Tensor processing units
  • Ports: WLAN, 3xUSB, HDMI, DP, Ethernet, CSI, CAN
  • Python: Popular programming language with extensive standard library
  • TensorFlow: Popular Open-Source framework for machine learning
  • OpenCV: Free programming library for image processing and Computer Vision
  • Dimensions: 297 x 228 x 110 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 1 kg