Item No.: SO3538-4X

VoIP PRO training system

An extraordinarily flexible training system with boundless capabilities!

The training system is delivered in a mobile, electromagnetically-compliant 19" rack accommodating 15 height units and furnished with robust and convenient lockers.


The 19" VoIP server's basic version includes the following features:

  • VoIP with various protocols (SIP, AIX, H.323, UNIStim, SCCP).
  • Configurable and extensible as required; also connectable via relatively economical hardware with connections such as POTS (for analog telephones), ISDN basic rate interface (BRI) or primary multiplex (PRI, E1 or T1).
  • Theoretically unlimited number of subscribers.
  • Covers all functions of a conventional telephony system.
  • Upgradeable with UMTS, GSM, ISDN und POTS interfaces by means of optional hardware.


The 19" PBX's basic version includes the following features:

  • Up to 2 exchange lines.
  • Up to 2 internal digital channels for ISDN terminal devices or system telephones.
  • Connection of up to 8 analog telephones, cordless phones, fax machines, answering machines or modems.
  • Two module slots allow expansion to 8 further S0-terminals or 16 further analog ports.
  • Windows manager for supporting system configuration.
  • Upgradeable with DECT and VoIP interfaces by means of optional hardware.


A professional 19 "module provides a robust solution for training network technicians and fitters. The module comprises one ISDN and one CAT5e patch panel.