Item No.: LM9641

High rack storage station with 20 storage cells

High rack storage area with 4 levels each containing 5 storage cells. A suction lifter picks up the workpieces from pallets arriving on a conveyor belt and deposits them via its freely positionable three-axis into the required storage cell.


  • 20 Storage cells

  • 2 x Linear guide motors

  • 2 x Power chain

  • Z-axis with 24 V geared motor, 5 position sensors, 2 end-limit shut-off switches,

  • X- axis with 24 V geared motor, incremental encoder with optical sensor, reference point sensor, end-limit shut-off switches

  • Y-axis with 2-way pneumatic cylinder and two suction lifters, 2 end-limit sensors, 2 for forced shut-off at end limit

  • Vacuum generator with vacuum sensor

  • 2-way valve block

  • 4/2-way valve

  • 3/2-way valve

  • 3/2-way manual stop valve

  • 2 x motor control units with direction reversal

  • Emergency shutdown switch

  • 1 x 25-pin SUB-D connector

  • PLC requirements: 11 x digital inputs, 8 x digital outputs

  • Length x width x height: 560 x 480 x 850 mm


To assure functionality and a long working life for pneumatic components and controls, a maintenance unit is required, consisting of: filters, pressure control valve with pressure gauge and lubrication.