Item No.: LM9683

Handling station

Automated handling station with a vertical lifting cylinder at the end of a pneumatic jib that can be used in conjunction with conveyor belt segments to sort workpieces according to preset criteria.

  • 90° turning pneumatic jib
  • Vacuum generator with sensor
  • Vertical cylinder with vacuum lifter and microswitch
  • 3 x One-way restrictor valves
  • 3 x 4/2-way valves
  • 1 x 3/2-way valve
  • 4-valve block
  • 2 position sensors
  • Two-way stop cylinder
  • PLC interface: 25-pin SUB-D connector
  • PLC requirements: 4 x digital outputs, 5 x digital inputs


To assure functionality and a long working life for pneumatic components and controls, a maintenance unit is required, consisting of: filters, pressure control valve with pressure gauge and lubrication.