Item No.: LM9515

Cyber physical conveyor system with PLC

Mechatronics base module is driven by a variable-speed, 24-V geared motor. Two end-limit sensors are located at each end of the belt. For fundamental experiments with a conveyor belt or for inclusion in a complex mechatronics system for controlling the flow of materials. A Siemens PLC system mounted on the front of the belt module can be programmed in any way and handles the control of the module. The conveyor belt transports workpiece carriers and their workpieces, linking together individual processing stations.  It can also be combined with other belts, curve segments or transfer nodes. Processing stations connected to the belt can be controlled by the PLC system via the 25-pin D-Sub port. The conveyor belt together with its control system forms a compact unit. The system can easily be separated from an overall production line and used as an individual workstation without any complex rebuilding or changes to the wiring. This also obviates the need for rearranging tables or the complicated business of removing them from a set-up.

Using an integrated switch it is possible to network several transport systems together with no particular effort. PROFINET cables can be looped from one transport system to the other. The individual systems do not all have to be separately connected to a central switch. Thus, having to cope with thick cable harnesses and the laying of cables are dispensed with.

An integrated module is used for the measurement and evaluation of the entire system’s power and energy consumption (transport system, control unit and optional stations). These values permit an assessment of the energy efficiency and provide information as to how to optimise them. They can be transmitted via LAN to master control centres, where energy management is implemented.

  • Length = 600 mm, width = 160 mm, gauge = 120 mm
  • Geared motor, 24 V DC
  • To control belt movement with variable speed, the PWM signal of the PLC can be used
  • 2 magnetic field end-limit sensors
  • 3 three-pole terminals for connection of digital sensors
  • 25-pin D-Sub port for connection of processing stations
  • 2 x M12 ports each with a digital input and output for communication with other conveyor belts
  • 2 x RJ45 ports on the front side. The PLC is already connected to the switch at the rear side
  • External power supply via 4-mm safety sockets or co-axial power connector
  • Incremental encoder disc for position detection and speed measurement via optical sensor
  • Control system used: S7-1214 DC/DC/DC with 14 digital inputs and 10 digital outputs
  • Additional communication module with 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs
  • Measurement of power and energy consumption
  • Top-hat rail for expansion of PLC system with additional analog or digital I/O modules
  • The PLC system can be expanded by means of a PROFIBUS master module or an AS-i bus master module
  • 1 x RJ45 cable
  • 1 x Step 7 basic with current version of TIA Portal

Warning: Only suitable for schools and training centres - not suitable for commercial sector