Item No.: ST8010-4H

Notebook holder, for attachment to aluminium profiles, variable tilt, up to 10 kg

Notebook holder, for attachment to aluminium profiles, so that you can set up your work place in ideal ergonomic fashion

  • Promotes flexible and ergonomic posture at work
  • Variable tilt adjustment (0-45°)
  • Variable height adjustment
  • Can be turned and pivoted
  • Range 589 mm
  • Weight capacity 10 kg
  • Dimensions of shelf 400 x 288 mm
  • Hole drilled for anti-theft device
  • Includes retainer to prevent falling and 2 cable clips

Additionally included:

Cable management set for installing cables along the profiles of the aluminium lab system furniture in the SybaPro range

The set consists of the following:

  • 3 Cross cable blocks for front and rear grooves of aluminium profile
  • 3 Cross cable blocks for side grooves of aluminium profile
  • 12 Cable ties
  • 4 Aluminium cover profiles for covering and enabling wires to be run along the grooves of an aluminium profile
  • Includes assembly instructions