Item No.: LM8599

Pressurised cylinder filled with 12.5 l of Suva R 404A refrigerant

In refrigeration systems, the cooling - i.e. transport of heat away from refrigerated objects – is accomplished by means of various liquids and gases, called refrigerants or coolants, which circulate through the refrigeration circuits of refrigerators and air-conditioning systems. As they progress around the circuit they are alternately evaporated or liquefied (condensed). These changes in state can clearly be demonstrated with the help of the refrigeration lab. This system can also be filled with or emptied of refrigerant.

Technical data:

  • Refrigerant type: R 404A
  • Maximum weight of contents: 12 kg
  • Tare weight: 7.9 kg
  • Container: pressure cylinder
  • Test pressure: 22 bars
  • Connector: 1/4"