Item No.: CO4204-7E

UniTrain: "LIN-Bus"


  • 1 Experiment card with LIN master and controls for LIN-bus-controlled window winders, door mirror, indicators and central locking
  • 1 Experiment card with LIN slave and actuators window winder motors, and central locking, plus a sensor to detect the position of the window
  • LIN-bus controlled door mirror

  • Labsoft browser, course software and one additional virtual instrument, "LIN monitor"


Course contents:

  • Development of bus systems in motor vehicles

  • Modern automotive bus systems

  • Topology and components of a LIN-bus system in a motor vehicle

  • Experimental determination of electrical properties of a LIN bus (voltage levels)

  • Introduction to the principle of addressing on a LIN bus

  • Master and slave principle

  • Investigation of data fields by measurement

  • Structure of a packet frame for an LIN message

  • Analysis of LIN messages using LIN monitor and oscilloscope

  • Interpretation of LIN messages using LIN monitor and oscilloscope

  • Editing and sending LIN messages using a PC

  • Fault simulation (software-activated errors)

  • Course duration: 8 h approx., (fault finding 1 h approx.)