Item No.: CO4205-1C

UniTrain: Rear View Camera with Park Assist

Another driver assistance system that’s indispensable in the era of narrow parking spaces and large SUVs or saloons (sedans). The UniTrain course presents a complete rear end system for a vehicle comprising several ultrasonic sensors and a reversing camera. Along with the technical features of the overall system as well as the functionality of the individual components, trainees also gain practical insights into the handling and diagnosis of the system. This enables them to learn about the physical limitations of the assistance system along with ways to diagnose different malfunctions. 

Training contents:

  • Design and operation of the driver assistance system
  • Integration of the camera in the overall system
  • Functionality of the ultrasonic sensors
  • Role of the driver assistance system
  • Learning about the diagnostic functions 
  • Familiarisation with the system limits


  • Realistic driver assistance system, including camera
  • Monitoring software to display the data on the PC
  • “Parking space” graphic to simulate the parking procedure
  • Interactive e-learning course including theory and practical experiments