Item No.: ST8040-2B

SybaPro system table with power supply ducting in legs + cable duct with flap, 1500x800x760

High-quality lab table with 2 plain aluminium-profile legs (front) and 2 aluminium-profile legs with triangular power supply ducting (rear), compatible with all add-on units and extensions in SybaPRO system range.
The rear table legs are intended to accommodate various kinds of power supply equipment.
At the rear beneath the table there is a large cable duct which can accommodate socket strips, small plug-in power supplies, as well as IT and electricity supply networks. For use as an IT workstation or as a desktop lab.
Access is from above via a flap which shuts flush with the tabletop. All cabling (for monitors, mouse, keyboard, electricity supply) can be connected via short distances through the plastic lip seal, even when the flap is closed, thus ensuring neat and tidy working areas.

Table top:

  • 30-mm table top made of highly compressed, multi-layered fine chipboard conforming to DIN EN 438-1
  • Colour grey, RAL 7035
  • 0.8-mm slightly textured laminate coating (Resopal-HPL) conforming to DIN 16926 on both sides
  • Resistant to many chemicals and reagents, such as dilute acids and bases
  • Resistant to heat, e.g. liquid solder and point heating caused by soldering irons and similar
  • Table-top frame with solid, impact-resistant edging made of 3-mm thick coloured plastic, colour RAL 7047
  • Coatings and adhesive are PVC-free

Cable duct:

  • Made of high-quality 2-mm sheet steel, powder coated in grey, RAL 7035
  • Cable duct flap featuring double-lip seal, ensuring protection against trapping fingers between table and console housing
  • The flap is 40 cm wide, providing access to the cable ducting; it closes flush with the tabletop and can be opened to an angle of 120°.
  • The ducting runs under the table along its full width and has a removable isolating partition for isolating both power and data cables.


  • All table legs are made of extruded aluminium with profile
  • Grooves to accommodate industry-standard equipment holders
  • Built-in, height-adjustable feet to compensate for uneven flooring
  • Table frames made of rigid rectangular tubing around all four sides including all necessary drill holes for mounting of table legs and under-table cabinets
  • Reinforced frame with additional central cross-strut
  • Acid-resistant epoxy-resin coating, thickness 80 µm approx., colour RAL 7047

Front table legs:

  • Extruded aluminium-profile legs with 8 identical grooves (3 on each side + 1 each front and rear)
  • Two separate cable ducts inside for wiring

Rear table legs with power supply ducting:

  • Triangular aluminium-profile ducting (extensible upwards)
  • Designed to accommodate various devices for of power and safety protection (no additional power ducting required)
  • Extruded aluminium-profile legs with 6 identical grooves (2 on each side + 1 each front and rear)
  • Each leg accommodates a maximum of 4 x 1 MU  modules
  • Pre-wired with supply bus system for special MU inserts or panels
  • Terminal strips for connection to power supply
  • High-current quick-release connectors of protection class IP20 conforming to DIN EN 61984:2009
  • Power ducts can also accommodate additional wiring inside them
  • All table legs are powder-coated, standard colour: grey (RAL 7047), other colours also available


  • 1500 x 800 x 760 mm (WxDxH)