Item No.: CO4204-7P

Course - Power electronics 3: Frequency converter drives


  • 1 Experiment card with DC link, charging circuit for DC link capacitors and braking chopper

  • Labsoft browser and course software


To conduct this course the following are also needed:

Course - Power electronics 2: Self-commutated power converters (CO4204-7M)

Course - Electric Machines 2: Asynchronous machines (CO4204-7T) 

Course contents:

  • Introduction to the design of modern frequency converters

  • Introduction to generating DC link voltage

  • Introduction to V/f characteristic and boost

  • Recognising the need for speed ramps

  • Operating 3-phase motors with frequency converters

  • Introduction to the design and function of braking choppers

  • Introduction to "87-Hz technology"

  • Recording and analysis of current, voltage and power

  • Course duration 5 h approx.