Item No.: CO4204-5H

Course - Electronics 3: Transistor and amplifier technology


  • 1 Experiment card with 2 multi-stage amplifier circuits with modifiable feedback
  • 1 Experiment card with differential amplifier built with discrete components
  • 1 Experiment card with 2 constant current sources (FET and bipolar transistors)
  • Labsoft browser and course software


Course contents:

  • Become familiar with sample applications for transistors as amplifiers
  • Be able to explain characteristics fields and parameters of transistors
  • Use data sheets for determining transistor properties
  • DC biasing and operating point adjustment of transistor amplifiers
  • Properties of transistor amplifiers in emitter and collector circuits
  • Darlington circuit
  • Become familiar with amplifier classes: Class A, B, C and D
  • Be able to explain the principle of push-pull amplifiers
  • Small signal response with equivalent circuit diagrams of amplifier circuits
  • Measuring voltage gain of an amplifier stage
  • Analysis by measurement of a multi-staged amplifier (gain and frequency response) with resistive, capacitive and direct feedback
  • Carry out measurement series on the influence of various feedback loops (R, RC) on gain
  • Introduction to the function and operation of differential amplifiers
  • Differential and common mode operating differential amplifiers
  • Carry out offset adjustment and operating point adjustment of a differential amplifier
  • Control of a differential amplifier with symmetrical and asymmetrical voltages
  • Investigating the response to load of a constant current source using FETs or bipolar transistors
  • Introduction to the functioning of a constant current source
  • Fault simulation (Faults activated via relay)
  • Course duration 8 h approx.