Item No.: CO3221-6V8

CarTrain "Diagnostics on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles"

Prepare your students for the ASE L3 test "Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist”. All topics related to the New ASE L3 test are now covered by our newest Hybrid/Electric vehicle trainer. We offer a blending of comprehensive curriculum with practical tasks to make sure your students have the competencies and system understanding needed to succeed in this emerging, highly technical market. Allow your students to build confidence by knowing they can safely work on a state of the art real world system performing the procedures needed to work on hybrid/electric vehicles.

Topics included in the curriculum:

  • Multiple types and operation of hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Motor/generator operation with experiments and animations
  • Battery management systems
  • Drive systems
  • Power electronics including inverters, DC to AC conversion and
  • Safe handling of HV systems
  • Internal combustion engines
  • Instructor Fault Insertion included for trouble shooting the system

Practical tasks and experiments include:

  • Isolation procedure and voltage measurement
  • Measurements of real high voltage to understand electric motors
  • Fault finding and diagnostics with real world faults such as insulation resistance measurement
  • Resolver/motor positioner
  • Energy flows in series, parallel, series-parallel, fuel cell and pure electric vehicles
  • High voltage capacitors found in EVs
  • Charging connections
  • Integration of Tasks can even be done on existing vehicles if available