Item No.: SO3240-1P

Gasoline Direct Injection (BMW, 4 Cylinder)

The BMW N43/N13 is a modern 4-cylinder engine which made its debut in 2007 in the BMW 1 series (E87/88). This light-metal engine has two overhead camshafts and 16 valves. It saw the first use of 2nd generation gasoline direct injection, marketed as High Precision Injection, which involved piezo-injectors directing a jet of fuel towards the spark plugs, thereby allowing more accurate dosing of the fuel. Because of the direct-injection design, the engine includes an NOx catalytic converter and is capable of switching to stratified charge injection mode. The whole of the exhaust assembly is included with the engine. The training system consist ouf of a used engine with a low mileage. 

Technical details:

  • HPI (High Precision Injection)
  • Stratified charge injection
  • Systems for treatment of exhaust gases
  • OBD (on-board diagnostics)
  • Fittings and controls
  • Original cable harness
  • Used engine but with low mileage