Item No.: ST8031-1Q

Lab table SybaPro, 1600x800x760mm, Process and chemical engineering

It is an exemplary equipment. We manufacture your laboratory according to your wishes and requirements!

Laboratory bench

Highly-compressed 30mm-thick multi-layered fine chipboard conforming to German Industrial Standard (DIN) EN 438-1

  • Colour grey RAL 7035, slightly textured 0.8mm-thick coating on both sides conforming to German Industrial Standard (DIN) 16926
  • The border of the table top is a solid, impact-resistant protective trim made of 3mm-thick grey RAL 7047 coloured plastic
  • The coating is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and reagents such as dilute acid and alkaline solutions. Furthermore it is heat resistant even to liquid solder or the hot spots resulting from soldering irons and lit cigarettes, for example.
  • Sturdy, continuous rectangular-tube frame with all necessary slots for fitting table legs and under-table cabinets, with approx. 0.8µm-thick acid-resistant epoxy resin coating
  • 2 table legs, extruded aluminium profile, 705mm
  • 2 table legs, extruded aluminium profile, 730mm
  • 8 identical grooves in the extruded aluminium profile (3 grooves on each broad side and 1 on each narrow side)
  • Grooves for mounting standard industrial brackets
  • Two separate internal cable channels for wiring
  • Integrated height-adjustable feet to compensate for uneven flooring
  • Height of table top: 750mm
  • Dimensions 1600 x 800 x 750mm (WxDxH)

Utensil drawer

  • 3 drawers 2 HU
  • 1 drawer 4 HU
  • Usable width 330mm, Usable depth: 480mm
  • Central locking
  • Metal drawers with surrounding row of slots
  • Body made of 19mm-thick, highly-compressed, multi-layered fine chipboard with grade E1 plastic coating on both sides
  • Dimensions: 430 x 588 x 560mm (WxHxD)

Power ducting

for 1600-mm wide SybaPRO tables to accommodate 19", 3-HU inserts and panels

  • To accommodate up to 25 x 12-PU (294 PU) 3-HU modules
  • Can be fitted as console or as table-top ducts
  • Pre-wired with power supply bus system for 3 HU inserts or panels
  • Terminal strips for connection to existing power supply
  • Base and lid made of anodised E6/EV1 extruded aluminium profiles
  • Sides made of painted sheet steel (colour (RAL7047)
  • High power quick-release IP20 safety plugs conforming to DIN EN 61984:2009
  • External dimensions: 1530 x 133 x 230mm (WxHxD)

Exemplary equipment for the power ducting

  • 230V/50Hz AC power supply insert for supply of power and fuse protection
  • socket panel unit 5x230V
  • socket unit 2x 230V/16A for supplying power to computer equipment
  • RJ45 patch panel for networking PCs
  • Multimedia terminal panel insert for PC