Item No.: CO3301-3A

Transmission line model 150km/300km (93.2miles/186.4miles)

Three-phase line simulation of a high voltage overhead power line with different lengths for measuring various operational states (open-line, matched, short-circuit). Scale factor 1/1000 for current and voltage. Automatic modification of wire length as soon as the corresponding overlay is in place.

Transmission line length: 150km or 300km
Transmission line length: 93.2 miles or 196.4 miles

  • Resistance per phase: 3,6Ohm 7,2 Ohm

  • Inductance per phase: 115mH 230mH

  • Capacity per phase:
    Line-to-line: 2 x 150nF 300nF
    Line-to-ground: 2 x 0,55µF 1,1µF

  • Max power consumption: 1kW

  • Voltage: 3x 400V; 50/60Hz

  • Current: 2A

  • Inputs/outputs: 4mm safety sockets

  • Dimensions: 297 x 456 x 125mm (HxWxD)

  • Weight: 6kg.