EGT 2 Wiring installation for lighting and appliance circuits

EGT 2 Wiring installation for lighting and appliance circuits

The wiring installation training module “Lighting and appliance circuits” is a project-based multimedia training system covering the following topics:

  • Wiring circuits, planning, calculations
  • Cables, calculation, wiring
  • Sub-distribution, planning,
  • VDE conformant safety measures

Different software packages are used to work through the various training stages in a training system that very closely follows actual practice. The training software is specially designed for educational use and provides hierarchical, structured guidance to the student. This provides a considerable boost to the self-learning aspect of the system.



The training objectives are structured as follows:

  • Installation of on-off and intermediate circuits
  • Installation of multi-switch circuits
  • Installation multi-circuit switches
  • Installation of circuits with current pulse relays
  • Dimming fluorescent lamps
  • Dimming halogen lamps
  • Installation of a motion sensor for external lighting
  • Installation of multi-functional comfort switches
  • Protective measures to prevent electric shocks
  • Testing RCDs
  • Insulation measurements, earth measurements, loop resistance
  • Testing rotating fields, protective earth measurements, equipotential bonding measurements
  • Lightning and excess voltage protection
  • Documentation, handover and test report