IPT 42 Batch Reactor

IPT 42 Batch Reactor

Understanding the processes which take place inside a reactor, as used in the process industry, is certainly one of the most demanding things that operators must learn. The process trainer IPT 42 Batch reactor is the ideal means of preparing the way for an introduction to this complex sphere.

This process trainer teaches not only the fundamentals of discontinuous (batch) processing but also the basics of reactor technology. The interactive e-learning course helps make understanding this process clear. The use of high-quality, industrial borosilicate glass 3.3, such as that actually used in the process industry, also offers the users a comprehensive insight into the whole process.


Education objectives:

  • First principles of discontinuous processing
  • Influence on conversion rate of:
    • Stirrer speed frequency
    • Temperature
    • Concentration
  • Determination of reaction parameter
  • Comparison of real reactors with ideal model


Basic equipment set, consisting of: 
IPT42 Batch reactor 6l
IPT42 Batch reactor 6l LM3420
Interactive Lab Assistant: batch reactor
Interactive Lab Assistant: batch reactor SO2806-1G
Additionally recommended
FL1703 Recirculating Cooler
FL1703 Recirculating Cooler LM3920