This system is used to train all of the required working steps. Starting from the conception, through the mechanical assembly of the facility all the way to the programming of a fully automated production line. The journey goes from the basic principles of individual subsystems all the way to the advanced programming and networking of entire production systems. A multi-part car with integrated operational pcbs, chassis and different car bodies is completely assembled and “painted” on a fully automated production line.

Training content:

  • Create TIA-Portal projects
  • Become familiar with mechatronic systems
  • Convert mechanical operations into programmable sequential operations
  • PLC programming of sequential control systems
  • Integration, i.e. Networking of individual systems into production lines
  • Implementation of full-automated production lines
  • Networking of an ERP system with the production line

Your benefits:

  • Modularity of the systems
  • Usage of genuine industrial components
  • Self-study courses to explore and work through requirements
  • Flexible project situations
  • Multiple extension options Including:
    • Augmented Reality
    • Robotics