Mechatronics Sub-Systems with Siemens PLC

Mechatronics Sub-Systems with Siemens PLC

All IMS sub-systems are composed of several individual IMS components. They can be connected to any programmable logic controller by means of standard connectors. Before IMS sub-systems are connected in larger installations, the requisite knowledge and skills should be learned with the aid of multi-media UniTrain-I courses.

  • IMS sub-systems with Siemens S7 and experiment manuals: it is of course also possible to follow the conventional route and connect a sub-system to an industrial-type programmable logic controller and put it into operation.


Training objectives for sub-systems:

  • Analysis of functional relationships

  • Set-up and adjustment of sensors

  • Introduction to electrical and pneumatic function modules

  • Configuration of mechatronics sub-systems

  • Investigation of the flow of energy and information

  • PLC programming