EST 22.1 Protective circuitry in three-phase circuits

EST 22.1 Protective circuitry in three-phase circuits

The development of control circuits and operations constitute the training focus of this equipment set.

  • Drafting a circuit diagram

  • Configuring a motor protection relay in line with the motor's rating plate

  • Contactor circuits with latching

  • Contactor circuit with malfunction alarm triggered by motor overload and including storage of error message

  • Contactor circuit with drop-out delay relay

  • Contactor circuit with pick-up delay relay

  • Pulse-triggered contactor circuit

  • Reversing contactor control with contactor interlocking

  • Contactor-type reversing control with contactor and momentary-contact interlocking

  • Limiting control with mechanical proximity switch and rotation reversal

  • Star-delta circuit

  • Automatic star-delta circuit

  • Automatic star-delta reversing circuit