EWG 1 Wind power plant with DFIG

EWG 1 Wind power plant with DFIG

This wind trainer is used to investigate the design and operation of modern wind power stations with double-fed induction generators.

The effect of wind force and the mechanical design of wind power stations can be emulated in realistic detail using the servo machine testing stand and the WindSim software. The control unit for the double-feed asynchronous machine (as a generator for the wind power plant) ensures user-friendly operation and visualisation during the experiments. The corresponding Interactive Lab Assistant Multimedia course is designed to convey knowledge and provide interactive support for carrying out the experiments and allows for PC-assisted evaluation of the measured data.
Training content:

  • Understand the design and operation of modern wind power plants
  • Explore the physical fundamentals “From wind to wave”
  • Learn about different wind power concepts
  • Set up and commission a double-feed asynchronous wind generator
  • Operate the generator with varying wind force levels and regulate the output voltage and frequency
  • Manual and automatic synchronization with the 3-phase electricity grid
  • Automatic control of active and apparent power, frequency and voltage
  • Determine optimum operating points under changing wind conditions
  • Investigate the operating response when there are faults on the grid (“fault ride-through”)

Your benefits:

  • Exact emulation of the technology of the current multi-megawatt wind power generators
  • A fully working and functional training system for wind turbines with double-fed induction generators (DFIG)
  • A wind simulation, which exactly mathematically emulates the wind at the shaft
  • Investigating "fault-ride-through" (FRT) response to faults on the grid (optional)
  • Measurement and display of all system variables
  • Integrated power switch for connecting the generator to the 3-phase electricity grid
  • Operation and monitoring using SCADA with the included WindSim software
  • Limiting the power of the wind power plant (derating)
  • Provision of reactive power