IMS Industrial mechatronics system

IMS Industrial mechatronics system

The "Industrial Mechatronics System" (IMS) allows industrial-type automated installations of varying degrees of complexity to be modelled. IMS is a modular system that can be employed with great flexibility and the modular design also makes it easily extensible. This means that systems can be put together taking into account students’ previous knowledge and can be expanded as they learn more.

  • Use of authentic industrial components means that trainees can get to grips with work more quickly after completing their training
  • It is possible to handle a dual training scenario using only a single system: educational by integrating the system with UniTrain/multimedia courses or industrial, involving connection to an industrial PLC system
  • Small projects can be conducted using IMS individual components especially the conveyor belt and sub-systems.

  • The possibility of connecting directly to PROFIBUS means less wiring and a more easily understood structure

  • Trainees understand the functional processes and the interplay between signalling states quicker thanks to the possibility of reading I/O signals directly from the system. Tapping into signal states via an external control system is not impossible but the status LEDs make it unnecessary

  • More complex tasks can be assembled using IMS sub-systems. These involve combinations of individual IMS components to provide additional functionalities.

  • The fact that various parts of the system can easily be separated from it means that it is no problem to construct customised lessons

  • Complete production lines with carrier return systems can be put together using IMS sub-systems. Multiple-layered projects constructed in this way require a fundamental knowledge of IMS sub-systems.