4-mm plug-in system

4-mm plug-in system

A tried and trusted plug-in system for fundamental education

The EloTrain plug-in is a comprehensive set of components for performing experiments in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and digital technology. The 4-mm plug-in components can be assembled in any way on an EloTrain plug-in board so that electronic circuits of any size can be set up, operated and tested.

The plug-in modules include both passive and active electronic components with contacts formed by 4-mm laminated safety plugs. When inserted into the plug-in board, the plugs hold the components firmly in place, while simultaneously making electrical connections between the board’s nodes. Leads and jumpers can then be used to form links to other nodes on the board as well as other components or measuring instruments.

The 4mm plug-in components are available in three sizes with two or four terminals.

The housings are comprised of three polycarbonate parts clipped together. The white top part features a scratch-proof, high-contrast print of the component’s circuit diagram or symbol along with a type name for the component. The transparent body is made of extremely tough see-through polycarbonate allowing the inside of the component to be seen. The base plate is also made containing 4-mm laminated safety plugs and joined to the body via an easy-to-open ratchet clip for repair purposes.

High-power elements are contained in open, light-metal housings for improved heat dissipation.

The components designed for digital technology experiments are provided with power via 4 laminated plugs. Digital inputs and outputs are made available on the top of the modules and can be linked together by means of leads tipped with 2-mm plugs.