The Seeds of Progress

2014 LN

Foundation of Lucas-Nuelle, Inc. USA in Williamsburg/Virginia

2013 LN

40-year anniversary
Extension of the company headquarters in Kerpen

2013 PHYWE 100 years PHYWE - anniversary in Göttingen
2012 LN Foundation of LN China in Shanghai
2012 LN Launching of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Technology
2011 LN Start of the Lucas-Nülle Foundation
2011 LN The field of electric mobility finds its way in the area of automotive technology
2011 LN Installation of a solar system on the roof of the production building
2010 LN Smart Grid – the new theme in the field of electrical power engineering
2009   LN   Expansion of the production and seminar facility at the plant in Kerpen
2007 LN Market launch of IMS® – Industrial Mechatronic System
2006   LN Celebrates the opening of the new exhibition and seminar facility in Kerpen
2005 LN Foundation of LN-Middle East Office in Dubai
2001 LN Product launch of UniTrain®
1998   LN   Launching of "Servo Drive and Brake System"
1989 LN Launching of "Universal Trainer"
1988 LN Phywe Systeme GmbH Relaunch and integration into the LN Group
1986 LN New Lucas-Nülle Lehr - und Meßgeräte GmbH plant established in Kerpen
1979 LN Foundation of the Lucas-Nülle Lehr- und Meßgeräte GmbH
1973   LN   Founding of Lucas-Nülle engineering office
Launching of "Sybatronic modular systems"
1968 INTEA Foundation of "Training and Consulting" company INTEA
1913   PHYWE   Society for researching the earth's interior founded