LN Corporate Group

Committed to future generations

The Lucas-Nuelle Group is a global player comprised of three companies, each with rich traditions specialising in vocational training and education in the fields of technology and the natural sciences. "Made in Germany" is the badge of quality for our products and services that come from the over 300 competent men and women in our group. In the international market of training and education, LN holds a leading position.

For more than 40 years, Lucas-Nülle GmbH with its headquarters in Kerpen has been developing and producing training systems in key technologies in areas such as electrical engineering and electronics, automation technology, mechatronics, communications and automotive technology. Lucas-Nülle works with more than 60 sales partners worldwide. The LN-Middle East Company located in Dubai and the LN WFOE located in Shanghai focuses especially on the markets in Near & Middle East and China.
Lucas-Nuelle Inc.
Lucas-Nülle Lehr- und Messgeräte GmbH

Lucas-Nuelle has been active on the American continent for over two decades. With the new subsidiary Lucas-Nuelle Inc. in Williamsburg, Virginia the company is now focusing its business more strongly in the USA. With Gerald Schex, Stephen Westbury, David Crowell, Maren Johnson and Cornelia Odenthal the team offers even more service in the USA. Lucas-Nuelle adapts the training systems to the US standards and localizes both hardware and software.

PHYWE Systeme GmbH & Co. KG
Phywe Systeme GmbH
PHYWE Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, based in Göttingen, was founded over 100 years ago and has been owned by Lucas-Nülle since 1988. PHYWE has built up a reputation as one of the largest global providers of training materials for physics, chemistry and biology lessons. Devices and experiments devised by PHYWE are deployed across the board from primary schools to universities wherever people teach, learn and do research.

Intea GmbH
Intea GmbH
INTEA GmbH is based in Kerpen and is a provider of qualification measures for the automotive industry in the areas of technology, service and human resources. INTEA trainings provide commercial and technical skills as well as manual skills and creativity in solving tasks. With training centres in Germany, Austria and Spain, INTEA is in demand as a global service partner for manufacturers, importers and those involved in trade.