Item No.: SO4204-5V

Course - Electronics 10: PCB layout with NI Ultiboard


  • Software NI Ultiboard Education Edition, single license
  • Labsoft browser and course software


Course contents:

  • Learn about the history of the pcb
  • Name the properties of a pcb
  • Describe various pcb manufacturing processes
  • Apply various standards
  • Master inch and metric measurement units
  • Fine tune a circuit in NI Multisim
  • Export the NI Multisim file to the NI Ultiboard
  • Learn and apply the basics of correct component positioning
  • Draft component positioning on a pcb
  • Draft new component footprints
  • Master the fundamentals of conductor paths (routes)
  • Draft conductor paths (routes)
  • Draft a design of a complete circuit
  • Modify and add labels
  • Establish through-connections and wire jumpers
  • Draft a Gerber file for subsequent manufacture
  • Course length: approx. 8 h