Item No.: SO4206-1J

Course, EloTrain 8: Fundamentals of automotive electronics

The EloTrain course provides the perfect introduction for students to the world of electrical engineering. All the necessary fundamentals are conveyed by simple and visually memorable means, always retaining the relevance to the automotive mechanics.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to electrical engineering (current, voltage, electrical resistance)
  • Use of Ohm’s law
  • Thorough understanding of different varieties of circuit (serial, parallel, mixed)
  • Voltage dividers
  • Electrical resistors (ohmic resistance, LDRs, thermistors)
  • Potentiometers
  • Diodes (LEDs, Zener diodes, standard diodes)
  • Capacitors
  • Coils and relays
  • Complex components such as bipolar and unipolar transistors (field effect transistors)

Theory is conveyed by means of an easily understood section of text concentrating on the key aspects, as well as multiple pictures and professional animations. The knowledge imparted in this way is then checked in various tests and then further enhanced by practical experiments.

In the latter, one of the most important parts of the training is the use of the key measuring instruments (oscilloscopes, multimeters), another is the use of experiments to analyse the features and functioning principle of the individual components. The highlight of such sections is a special automotive experiment, in which a direct link is made between vehicle technology and the component being studied. That means that an affinity with motor vehicles is engendered in the trainees from day one. The course features the following automotive experiments:

  • Wiring of headlights
  • Brake light with junction resistance
  • Bridge circuit for rail pressure sensor
  • Determination of engine and air intake temperatures
  • 6-pulse rectification in an alternator
  • Simulation of indicator control using relays
  • Interior lighting (using a transistor as a switch)
  • DC/AC conversion for HID lights
  • Simulation of a single-spark ignition coil
  • Switching via relays (rear fog lamp)

The EloTrain course offers an introduction into the worlds of electronics and electrical engineering suitable for any age groups, which can provide trainees with all the all the knowledge they require in this area to proceed with more advanced training. Such knowledge is of vital importance, particular in an age in which vehicles are becoming more and more electrified.