EGT 3 Communication and networks

EGT 3 Communication and networks

The wiring installation training module on networks is a multimedia training project covering the following topics:

  • Application-neutral communications cabling in conformance with EN 50173-4

  • Cabling in conformance with EN 50173-4

  • Infrastructure for disseminating data using Home Office

  • Sub-distribution from electricity meter panel for multimedia applications

  • Connectors/cabling (to install yourself), difference between optical fibres, polymer optical fibres and cables

  • LAN/WLAN applications

  • Expansions to system (radio, co-ax etc.)

  • Calculation and installation of aerial/cabling systems

  • Lightning and excess voltage protection

  • Handover report for installation

  • Fault simulation

Different software packages are used to work through the various training stages in a training system that very closely follows actual practice. The training software is specially designed for educational use and provides hierarchical, structured guidance to the student. This provides a considerable boost to the self-learning aspect of the system.