CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing

CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing

CNC programming and machining are key activities for many metalworking companys and demand a lot in terms of training. Lucas Nülle is now offering solutions for CNC training to match its IMS range.
The CIM training system meets the demands for modern further education and vocational training in the metalworking sector:

  • High quality machines

  • Professional software with simulation of operating procedures

  • Design and quality are up to modern industrial standards

  • Long lifetimes and consistently high precision of manufactured items over the long term

  • Functionality in line with modern industrial machinery

  • All machines are adapted to the particular needs of the educational curriculum

The optional automation accessories allow IMS stations to be connected together, e.g. CNC machines can be coupled with the IMS robot station, which can then handle loading and unloading of the CNC equipment.