Process Automation Sub-Systems with UniTrain

Process Automation Sub-Systems with UniTrain

All IPA sub-systems are composed of several individual IPA components and are accompanied by UniTrain courses. As an alternative, they can of course all be connected to any programmable logic controller by means of standard connectors. Before IPA sub-systems are connected in larger installations, the requisite knowledge and skills should be learned with the aid of multi-media UniTrain courses.

IPA sub-systems with UniTrain courses: we strongly recommend undertaking an introduction to the IPA sub-systems with the aid of the accompanying UniTrain courses. These explain the sub-systems clearly, understandably and in detail and demonstrate how they can be programmed. Supplied with the course is a PLC system that can automatically control the sub-systems or, subsequently, more complex installations as well. This makes it very simple to step up to the Siemens programmable logic control system afterwards.


Training objectives for sub-systems:

  • Analysis of functional relationships

  • Set-up and adjustment of sensors

  • Introduction to electrical and pneumatic function modules

  • Configuration of mechatronics sub-systems

  • Investigation of the flow of energy and information

  • PLC programming